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8 x Polaroid AA Super Alkaline Battery POL40070



8 x Polaroid AA Heavy Duty Super Alkaline Batteries - NEW


Polaroid batteries are great to have around when you need a charge.

Formulated to provide dependable power, bringing long life to the devices you depend on and enjoy.

They come in a variety of sizes and will work wonderfully on all those battery operated items such as craft tools, flash lights, toys, electronic games, and much more. Be sure and keep plenty on hand.

Polaroid proud of their batteries.

Polaroid pack of 8 x AA Super Alkaline batteries suitable for small electronical items.

The value pack of 8 is perfect to have around the house or to have ready for electronic items packed without batteries.


Brand: Polaroid
Size: AA
Power: 1.5v DC
Quantity: 8 x batteries
Materials: Super Alkaline
Suitable for: Remote controls, Cameras, Clocks , Toys, Flash Lights The list is endless

RRP - £7.99