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THE BIG CHEESE Professional Strength Traditional style Metal Rat Trap STV106



THE BIG CHEESE Professional Strength Traditional style Metal Rat Trap - NEW

STV Pest Control

STV Pest Control. The largest range of pest control products in the UK by STV that help to keep your home and garden free from pest and does exactly what it says on the packet.With over 20 years experience of pest control STV is a leader in innovation and technology of pest control. Humane and poison-free items are also included in the vast range of pest control at very affordable prices.

STV is the UK's leading supplier of professional pest control products for home and garden use and is now listed in preference to other historical brands by many of Britain&s best-know retailers.

Over the years, STV has built an outstanding reputation for delivery of innovative new product development. Its ranges are distinctly branded, each targeting different and specific pest problems.

As such, STV is the only UK company that delivers a comprehensive, easy-to-shop pest control range along with a promise to consumers of Pest-Free Living.

This is a pack of highly sprung Traditional Style Rat traps. These are our cheapest Rat traps Probably still the best tried and tested method to get rid of Rats.

Not Recomended for use around Children or pets.


Baited ready-to-use
Expanded bait pedal for enhanced catch
Indoor and outdoor use
Dual settings - firm and fine

RRP - £9.99

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By Thomas Davies

Good product