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Good Quality 2pc Coil Spring Compressor Set AMJ0370 *Out of Stock*



Am-Tech Good Quality 2pc Coil Spring Compressor Set - NEW


Am-Tech Tools and DIY products come with a twelve month guarantee and are built for the rigors of the typical English home owner and the DIY jobs expected.

The range includes a comprehensive range of hand tools for every job. Am-Tech also offers a range of power tools that not only provide a reliable level of service, but also look great as a present or gift in colour boxes and double blister displays.

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This pair of spring compressors is ideal for repairing and replacing shock absorbers, Macpherson struts and springs.

The kit comprises two identical spring compressors, each measuring 31cm (12.25") long and made of heat treated tempered steel with drop forged steel hooks.

The compressors are simple to use. Firstly, turn the hooks along the thread of the bolt to the correct distance, then hook them around each end of the spring you need to compress. Then simply tighten the bolt to reduce the distance between the hooks.

The hex head of the bolt measures 20mm (approx 3/4") diameter and the length of the threaded area of the bolt is 30cm (12"). The hooks protrude by 3.2cm (1.25").


For use on Macpherson struts
Also suitable for coilovers
Length 31cm (12.25")
Heavy duty steel construction

Am-Tech amazing tools for professional and DIY.

RRP - £29.99

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By Jim Barker

great service thanks

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