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Am-Tech 100pc Assorted PVC Insulated Terminals AMB3300



Am-Tech 100pc Assorted PVC Insulated Terminals - NEW


Am-Tech Tools and DIY products come with a twelve month guarantee and are built for the rigors of the typical English home owner and the DIY jobs expected.

The range includes a comprehensive range of hand tools for every job. Am-Tech also offers a range of power tools that not only provide a reliable level of service, but also look great as a present or gift in colour boxes and double blister displays.

Am-Tech also offers a range of unique designed security products ranging from dummy cameras to siren sounding locks. Am-Tech produces their products from the best materials possible and at the best cost to ensure you are getting a real value for the money.

100 assorted insulated crimp terminals and connectors Terminals are tin-plated copper with PVC insulation, These solder-less auto crimping terminal connectors come in a handy plastic storage box for convenience.

If you make electrical circuits or small electrical toys for hobbies and games then you'll always need on hand a handy bunch or terminals to connect your circuits. Simply push the wire through the hole and crimp down on the terminal.

This is another electrical essential for your home garage or electrical workshop.

Perfect for the Electrician or Home DIY'er.


100pc Insulated crimp terminals and connectors
Tin plated copper with PVC insulation

Am-Tech amazing tools for professional and DIY.

RRP - £9.99