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RUSTINS Professional Trade Quality Hardware Linseed Oil Raw 2ltr - NEW

About RUSTINS their products and history.

RUSTINS the world's finest range of products for the professional and home handyman. Wood finishes, wood dyes, fillers, strippers, varnishes and paints.

Established 88 years, need we say more about the quality of their products. From wood dye to paints and oil this little known company is the best kept secrect in the trade. For a job with that professional trade finish it has to be a RUSTINS product.

In 1924 Sidney Rustin opened his first shop in London's Shoreditch district where he sold wood finishing products to local residents and trades people.

Sidney's father was a cabinetmaker and his mother funded the business venture with ?50. During the second world war the first night raid destroyed the original 1932 factory and the business moved to its present location in Cricklewood, London.

Rustins also exports to more than 20 countries.

Rustins formulated its Strypit paint remover in 1947 and demand remains high. RUSTINS was the first manufacturer of Danish Oil which remains a famous and popular product.

Today Rustins continues its research and development efforts on its core markets of wood finishing, specialty paint and decorating. We continually bring to market product offerings with advances in environmentally aware products, more durable finishes and a wide range of products to meet our growing international customer needs.

We have a management team dedicated to innovative products and superlative customer service. Our employees continue the tradition of producing quality products to the exacting standards set by Ronnie Rustin.

If there is any RUSTINS products you need that you can't see in our site then please let us know as we stock all of RUSTINS 593 products in all sizes and larger quantaties can also be supplied.


Raw Linseed Oil

A natural nourishing treatment for wood, including cricket bats, and as a lubricant for french polishing.

Also used for softening putty that has become stiff.

How to Use, Specification and Saftey Information

Product: Linseed Oil

Type: Raw linseed oil.

Intended Use: Ideal for oiling Cricket bats, adding to paint and softening Metal Glazing Putty. Not suitable for oiling furniture or wooden floors. For furniture use Rustin's Danish Oil or Teak Oil. For floors use Rustin's Floor Oil.

Special Features: Pure and natural.

Preparation: Ensure surface to be oiled is clean and dry.

Application: Apply with a rag or brush and wipe off excess with a dry rag or cloth.

Coats: As required.

Drying Time: Slow drying. Dependant on temperature, humidity and film thickness. For faster drying linseed oil use Rustin's Boiled Oil.

Re-coating Time: Recoat once oil has dried.

Application Temp: Ideally 15-25 degree C. Do not use below 15 degree C, or in conditions of high humidity.

Coverage: 13-15 sq.m per litre, 1 coat, depending on the absorbency of the wood.

Maintenance: Re-oil periodically.

Compatibility: Compatible with most oil based products. Refer to manufacturer before mixing

Settlement: Stir thoroughly before use.

Shelf-life/Storage: The shelf life of the product in an airtight container is indefinite. It is preferable to store the product in a cool place. It is important to replace the lid and ensure an airtight seal.

Hazards: See Health & Safety data sheets.

Clean-Up: Clean brushes with White Spirit or Rustin's Brush Cleaner.

Sizes: 125ml 250ml 500ml 2lit and 4litres.

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