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Aluminium Anti-Seize Spray 400ml AGPG222



Aluminium Anti-Seize Spray 400ml

Special formulation to give protection against seizure in extreme service conditions

Saves threads & parts from galling; distortion & breakage

Protects against rust & corrosion even in the presence of salt & water

Prevents bimetallic corrosion

Does not harden; melt or wash off

Seals under extreme pressure

Withstands temperatures up to 800°C

Can be used on nuts; bolts; flanges; gaskets; pumps & on industrial; construction; agricultural & automotive equipment

  • Brand : Unbranded
  • Type : Aluminium Anti-Seize Spray
  • Size : 400 ml
  • Withstands temperatures up to : 800°C
  • Uses : nuts; bolts; flanges; gaskets; pumps; industrial; construction
RRP - £12.99